Planned Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding Hire in Farnborough | Scaffolds for Heritage Properties

Heritage properties hold as much cultural and historical importance with our scaffolding erectors as they do with many of our clients. They represent the charm of a bygone era but, through wear and tear, will often require some restoration work to revive their condition. DAG Scaffolding Ltd is one of the region’s most trusted scaffolding companies. We offer domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding services which grant safe access for your workforce in a way that helps to prevent further damage.

We see large-scale scaffolding hire in use everywhere, not just on projects in the Farnborough area, and even the Colosseum in Rome had scaffolds in place for three years from 2013 to 2016. While we have never worked on a building as grand as the Colosseum, DAG has built towers and temporary roofs for heritage properties since we first started out in 1987.

Conservation and restoration work needs a certain level of care. Scaffolding erectors must construct and dismantle towers diligently and without causing further damage to the property in question. You may have seen scaffolding companies using plastic caps on tubular scaffolding and wondered why. This is just one way in which scaffolders can protect walls against vibrations.

Building a good relationship with site managers and their contractors is a very important part of planning scaffolding hire for a heritage restoration in Farnborough. Our work also sits easily with conservation specialists, architects and structural engineers who also excel in historical preservation work.

Surveying the Project

It isn’t easy to create plans for domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding or industrial scaffolding when the tower needs to provide access to part of a heritage property. Even the survey needs to minimise the amount of risk, and some scaffolding companies will use 3D technology or drones to get a closer look at the building. Data from the survey helps in creating a specification where contractors can restore without obstruction from the tubes and fittings.

Drones can be especially useful for planning and designing temporary roofs on heritage properties in Farnborough and the surrounding areas.

Anchoring the Scaffold

Scaffolding erectors need to be adaptable with conservation and restoration work. A scaffold needs to be anchored, but traditional anchoring methods and façade scaffolding designs won’t be suitable for all heritage projects. The walls of an older building won’t be as stable, so it is our responsibility to draw up a scaffolding hire package that is bespoke to the situation. Luckily, DAG Scaffolding Ltd can plan, design and erect across a full range of towers.

In terms of anchoring, we will often recommend support scaffolding to clients in Farnborough to help negotiate any issues related to stability.

Protecting the Building

When we create a tower for a heritage build, it needs to be protective for the property as well as for the contractors restoring it. At DAG, we can supply closed-mesh netting for domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding structures to protect wall surfaces, and those working on them, from wind, wet weather and ultraviolet light. Even with netting in place, contractors can still carry out delicate work without unwelcome disruption.

We agree the positioning of netting with the main contractor in advance.

Visual Impact

While Farnborough doesn’t have heritage buildings quite as impressive as the Colosseum, it is important that scaffolding and temporary roofs don’t spoil the visual impact of an older property while work is in progress. Did you know that some scaffolding companies can clad towers in cloth or mesh imprint tubes so that everything ties in with the building’s façade? This promotes continuity and, in tourist hotspots, it ensures visitors will still take the time to visit an area.

Keeping the visual charm of a property in place is something we will also try to consider if it is important to the historical relevance of the project.

For domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding services on heritage builds in Farnborough, call 01483 236 992.