Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding in Ascot | Preventing Unauthorised Access to Scaffold Towers

Scaffolding companies are responsible for keeping site conditions safe for contractors but those who use scaffolding hire services also need to think about the public’s welfare when operations end for the day. The team at DAG Scaffolding Ltd can use safety training, edge protection and barriers to protect your workforce, but we also have a series of provisions in place to keep unauthorised persons off scaffold towers and temporary roofs.

With domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding services available in the Ascot area, DAG has an exemplary safety record. This owes much to the expertise of our time-served scaffolding erectors, all of whom have CITB and CISRS training, carry CSCS cards, and have sat through their Part 1, Part 2 and Advanced Scaffolder COTS courses.

When we provide scaffolding hire services, restrictions may make it impossible for us to use local or perimeter fencing. This can sometimes tempt curious children, passers-by and those with less-than-honourable intentions to scale towers and temporary roofs without permission. This could prove hazardous to any individual who doesn’t have experience in climbing a scaffold safely.

Falls could have a damaging effect on your reputation and ours.

Scaffolding erectors work to CDM, HSE, NASC and TRBS 2121 regulations to protect sites in Ascot against unauthorised access. The extent to which local scaffolding companies can secure your site is often dependant on location. DAG assesses risk during the initial survey and, if your site isn’t suitably set up to stop out-of-hours access, we can recommend some reliable solutions.

Removing Ladders

When DAG supplies staircases, stair towers or internal ladders (for commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding structures as opposed to a domestic scaffolding tower, which will be simpler in design), we advise that you remove the lowest and most accessible ladders overnight to help stop unauthorised access. Store ladders in a place where they won’t be accessible to the public and be sure to use gates and barriers to block off any entry points.

Site managers in Ascot with towers that have retractable ladders in use can deploy locks to prevent intruders from unfolding them, and then using the ladder to either scale the tower or to access one of our temporary roofs.

Closing Off Access

If our scaffolding erectors have fitted stair towers, or where the removal or the retraction of ladders isn’t possible, we can supply padlocked fencing panels or scaffold enclosures to deter anybody who might want to access your site. The only consideration here is that if a stair tower has been included as part of a scaffolding hire package to provide an escape route, any actions you take to stop unauthorised access shouldn’t hinder the evacuation process.

Escape doors are an option if you use a scaffold enclosure to prevent access to towers used on projects in Ascot. These open from the inside in the event of an emergency during work hours but prevent unwanted access at night.

Ladder Guards

Most scaffolding companies can supply ladder guards if ladders can’t be easily removed or retracted. These are plates which hook over the lowest rungs of a ladder and lock into place. The ladder guards used on domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding projects are made from metal, but the HSE allows wooden guards so long as they can be locked into position and have sufficient strength not to be forced open.

Always consider the following with ladder guards:

  • Must attach and lock securely with padlocks
  • Never secure ladder guards with rope
  • Guards should cover at least six ladder rungs
  • Handles shouldn’t provide a climbing foothold

We want your Ascot site to be safe for everybody, not just for our scaffolding erectors and your own workforce. That’s why we will factor in unauthorised access to towers and temporary roofs when undertaking risk assessments and putting our findings into the detailed method statements our scaffolders use.

For safer domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding services in Ascot, call 01483 236 992.