Scaffolding Hire in Leatherhead | Uses for Scaffold Towers and Temporary Roofs

There are applications for domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding and industrial scaffolding hire that many of our prospective customers in the local Leatherhead area will already be familiar with, and others that may come as something of a surprise. Whether you have plans to brighten up the exterior of a home as part of a DIY project, or if you have large-scale projects planned which require something a little more complicated, our scaffolding erectors are here to help. We supply towers, access equipment and temporary roofs.

And, like all reputable scaffolding companies, DAG can also include safety equipment in your specification to protect contractors while they work.

Very few scaffolders in Leatherhead can match DAG Scaffolding Ltd for our experience. The scaffolding erectors on our team have more than a century of combined trade knowledge. When we design scaffolds for our customers and clients, the detail in what we do is apparent for everybody to see.

You can use our scaffolding hire services for the following:

Extensions and Conversions

Scaffolding companies specialise in granting safe access to end users or their contractors. Domestic scaffolding is popular in the construction of property extensions, and in the field of loft conversions. As a project progresses, there will be more work at height involved. With double-storey extensions, a tower grants access to the upper floor, the roof and the roofline. With a conversion, a scaffold allows most of the work to be done from the outside of the home.

A domestic scaffolding tower undergoes planning to the same standard as a commercial scaffolding or industrial scaffolding build in Leatherhead.

The only significant difference between all projects is the overall scale.

Refurbishments and Renovations

If you plan to refurbish or renovate a property, especially if it is one that has fallen into serious disrepair or dilapidation, then towers and temporary roofs will play an important role in the restoration of the exterior. We can also help with interior work, such as painting and decorating, by supplying the project with mobile towers on wheels. These can be moved between different rooms with ease, and we can show you how to make modifications to their height.

If timescales are important to you, we can arrange for immediate dismantling once you have finished the required work. All you need to do is give us a call.

Roofing Projects

Domestic scaffolding hire is also suitable for roofing projects in Leatherhead. If a contractor needs to reposition fallen slates or tiles, or if flat roofing materials need to be resurfaced, we are probably one of the most trusted scaffolding companies in our region to choose for this type of work. You can also use the team at DAG Scaffolding Ltd to build towers for roofline replacements. These jobs will typically involve the installation of UPVC fascias, soffits and guttering.

You can even use our scaffolding erectors to construct towers for contractors undertaking chimney repairs or replacing lead flashing between roof joints.

New Builds and Developments

Although most new builds in the Leatherhead area will usually be residential, the scale of work on a wider development project will require commercial scaffolding. As the amount of work on a design increases, so it is that the job specification factors in safety at more advanced levels. With major new build developments, a scaffolding hire package can include safety features such as platform access ladders, netting, chutes, handrails and edge protection.

Based on when you have arranged to have specific contractors onsite, DAG can construct temporary roofs to protect interiors against dampness.

Commercial and Industrial Works

Very few scaffolding companies have the scope to handle large-scale works in the same way as we can. DAG can offer you the commercial or industrial scaffolding services you need to construct anything from an office to an entire shopping centre. We factor in your own site safety policies to deliver towers over as many storeys as you need. Should you need us to provide your contractors with safety and toolbox talks, this will never be a problem for us.

We have already worked on countless commercial and industrial builds in the Leatherhead area, having first started out in business way back in 1987.

For domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding hire in Leatherhead, call 01483 236 992.