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Different Types of Scaffolding in Woking

We supply different types of scaffolding to domestic and commercial customers in Woking. Whatever you require scaffolding hire for, the general approach of our scaffolding erectors is to provide a safe platform for builders, roofers, DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen. Scaffolding companies like DAG Scaffolding are able to provide rolling or static towers for personnel to carry out their work in a safe manner while reducing the risk of accidents.


Every one of our scaffolding erectors is fully trained and qualified to erect scaffolding best-suited to your project. Listed below are some the different ways scaffolding companies such as our own use their equipment. A thorough understanding of scaffolding enables clients in Woking and the surrounding Surrey area to carry out their work safely.

Supported and Suspended Scaffolding

Supported scaffolding is the most commonly-seen type of scaffolding you’ll see in Woking. Mainly used for general construction and other forms of elevated project work, this type of scaffolding hire solution is usually a straightforward build for our scaffolding erectors. Different variations of the supported system are available which serve specific purposes.


Supported scaffolding is built from the base upward and is considered the most convenient, safe and cost-effective scaffolding hire option available.


Suspended scaffolding hire will be safely hanged from a roof or another tall construction. It are used when scaffolding companies are unable to construct a base or supply access to upper levels of a building. It’s quite a common sight to see window cleaners and tradesmen carrying out work using suspended scaffolding on high-rise buildings in Woking.

Mobile Scaffolding

Scaffolding companies install rolling scaffolding to enable the customer to get a job finished sooner if the surface allows for it. Caster style wheels enable scaffolding to be moved at the convenience of Woking customers and the construction is lockable when not in use. This ensures the safety of anybody using mobile scaffolding hire or working near it.


There are a number of factors to consider when using mobile scaffolding hire, such as locking the wheels while working or fixing the tower to a suitable rigid support structure in case of high winds. Our scaffolding erectors in Woking advise customers on how to use mobile scaffolding correctly once the initial construction has been completed.

For more information on scaffolding to suit your project in Woking, call us now on 01483 236992. All estimates are obligation-free.

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