Scaffolding Erectors in Leatherhead | Different Types of Scaffolding

Specialist scaffolding companies like DAG Scaffolding Ltd supply various types of scaffolds for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Whatever you need scaffolding hire for, and no matter the size of your project, we provide a safe platform for builders, roofers, tradesmen and customers carrying out DIY. Our scaffolding erectors design and assemble structures to meet your exact needs, whether you require scaffolds for a large scale or hard to access site, or a structure for a small domestic project in Leatherhead. Our options include rolling and static towers as well as temporary roof scaffolding and all additional features.

Our team has full training and qualifications to erect all types of scaffolding and provides the most suitable option for your project following a consultation and site survey. Below are some of the scaffolding hire options available to customers in Woking, Leatherhead and the surrounding areas:

Supported Scaffolding

Supported scaffolds are the most popular type and are common for general construction and other elevated projects. With supported systems, our scaffolding erectors build from the base upwards, making this the most convenient, safe and cost-effective option.

Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolds safely hang from a roof or tall structure. Scaffolding companies use this method when we are unable to construct a base or supply access to upper levels of a building. This is a popular option for window cleaners and other tradesmen.

Mobile Scaffolding

Also called rolling scaffolding, mobile scaffolds have caster style wheels which enable customers in Leatherhead to move scaffold towers as and when they need. The wheels lock when not in use for maximum safety.

Temporary Roof Scaffolding

Temporary roof structures protect buildings, workers and equipment from the elements. They prevent damage, increase safety and help control the working environment. Temporary roofs are available as stand-alone structures or as additions to other scaffolding hire constructions.

Access Platforms/Towers

Access platforms give workers in Leatherhead a safe place to work at height. They are tower-like constructions that scaffolding companies supply fixed, or moveable with lockable casters. They are ideal for access to hard to reach areas and we tailor platforms to your requirements.

Crash Decks

A crash deck is a temporary scaffolding platform that stops falling objects and provides a safe surface from which to work. They are an important safety aspect of work at height activities and our scaffolding erectors can assemble them for both external and interior projects.

Birdcage Scaffolds

Birdcage scaffolds are large scale structures consisting of many scaffolding bays which offer continuous access to buildings. Birdcage scaffolding hire is common for projects in Leatherhead that require ceiling or roof access, and birdcages are generally fully enclosed to protect workers. As such, it is common for birdcage scaffolds to include temporary roof scaffolding.

For more information about the options we offer as time served scaffolding erectors in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas, call us on 01483 236992.