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Scaffolding Erectors in Haslemere | A Heavily Regulated Industry

Health & Safety legislation is often the subject of a moan, or the punchline of a joke. However, all scaffolding companies, whether in Haslemere or across the country, recognise, and appreciate, the heavily regulated nature of our industry. Every stage of scaffolding hire provides unique safety issues. From the assembly work undertaken by scaffolding erectors to the tradespeople working on the scaffolding at height, the safety precautions that scaffolding contractors need to follow seem never ending.


But this means there has never been a safer time to work on scaffolding hire projects in Haslemere and the surrounding areas. National statistics for 2016 showed zero fatalities and a reduction in serious falls from nine incidents to five. While scaffolding companies will always strive for zero incidents, this marked improvement is welcome and illustrates the importance of such lengthy regulations for scaffolding contractors and scaffolding erectors alike.


Legislation Relevant to Scaffolding Companies


By design, scaffolding hire constructions are a safety feature put temporarily in place to stop people working at height from falling. If scaffolding fails, not only does it cause these falls to happen, it also endangers construction workers, and potentially the general public, at ground level.


The following regulations ensure that scaffolding erectors in the Haslemere area are competent enough to assemble strong, rigid and stable scaffolding.  They also seek to guarantee that scaffolding contractors conduct regular inspections and maintenance work on their scaffold materials.


1. The Work at Height Regulations 2005


Adhering to a “hierarchy of controls”, this regulation seeks to minimise the amount of work carried out at height by tradespeople on Haslemere projects. This is achieved by maximising the amount of work undertaken from the ground. Further points also help scaffolding companies minimise the likelihood, and distance, of potential falls.


2. Scaffold Design Specifications


When working from height is unavoidable, our Haslemere clients contact us to discuss their requirements and subsequent scaffolding hire design options. In our role as scaffolding contractors, we comply fully with European and British Standards. Our scaffold conforms with BS EN 12811-1 for design standards and performance requirements, as well as BS EN 12810 for prefabricated scaffolds and BS EN 1004 for mobile scaffold towers.


3. Rules Regarding Scaffold Assembly


As one the most trusted scaffolding companies in the Haslemere area, every kind of scaffolding hire option we provide is assembled and dismantled by competent scaffolding erectors. In our role as scaffolding contractors, DAG Scaffolding Ltd employs CITB-qualified personnel who are trained in accordance with SG4 “Preventing Falls in Scaffolding”. We also ensure that our scaffolding erectors comply with PASMA-approved methods of mobile scaffold tower assembly, AGR (Advance Guard Rail) and 3T (Through the Trap).


4. Scaffolding Inspection Regulations


In our role as scaffolding contractors onsite in Haslemere and the surrounding areas, it is our responsibility to inspect our scaffolding hire materials. These inspections occur at set times; either before first use or immediately after assembly, and every subsequent 7 days that the scaffold is in use. Safety inspections also need to be conducted after potentially damaging circumstances such as adverse weather conditions.


When it comes to the safety of construction projects in the Haslemere area, we recognise that our position as trusted scaffolding contractors and scaffolding erectors comes with huge responsibility.


As one of the leading scaffolding companies in the region, you can trust DAG Scaffolding Ltd to get the job done quickly and safely.


To discuss scaffolding hire and the services we provide as scaffolding contractors in Haslemere, call 01483 236 992.

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